Cologne Reaches The Playoffs In IEM Tournament

The tournament in Germany will resume on Friday with the start of the playoffs.

IEM Cologne, the first major LAN event in almost a year, has reached the playoff round, with the tournament’s final six teams fighting for the championship.

Cologne Reaches The Playoffs In The IEM
FaZe beat expectations in Cologne and made the top six

On Friday, two quarter-final matches will be played, setting off a weekend of playoff action that will continue on Saturday with two semi-final matches and the best-of-five grand final on Sunday.

After the Danes were unable to defeat Natus Vincere in the Group B upper bracket final, will face Astralis in the first quarter-final on Friday, while Gambit will face FaZe, the tournament’s biggest overperformers, in the second quarter-final of the day.

The French-Balkan team is rooting for and Astralis, while Natus Vincere could face Gambit, their CIS rivals if Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov and his teammates can defeat FaZe first.

The unbeaten group stage champions, G2 and Natus Vincere will take an extra day off before resuming their pursuit for the IEM Cologne title match in the semi-finals.

The IEM Cologne playoff schedule is:

Friday, July 16

22:00  – vs. Astralis

01:15  – Gambit vs. FaZe

Saturday, July 17

22:00  – G2 vs. Astralis

01:15  – Natus Vincere vs. Gambit/ FaZe

Sunday, July 18

22:00  – Grand Final (BO5)

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