xQc BANNED on Twitch for Stream Sniping

One of Twitch’s most popular streamer is banned for the fourth time on their platform.
xQc fourth twitch ban. xQc streamed sniped during a Live Twitch Rivals tournament at GlitchCon. xQc is banned for 6 months from Rival tournaments and a temporary account suspension on his main twitch account.

He was previously banned on July 2019 for watching a lude video on live stream. He was banned again on February 2020 for watching a video with nudity and a third time on June 2020 for showing gorillas having sex.
This fourth ban is completely different from the other bans he recieved before.

xQc has announced that his temporary account suspension from Twitch will be seven days.
To take the negative impact from his action he is planning to donate the winnings to charity.

As noted, not only is xQc one of the biggest streamers in Twitch, according to many reports, he’s been the highest-earning streamer in the world so far this year. He’s also no stranger to controversy either.

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