DrLupo Announces All Twitch Tips Will Be Donated To Charity Forever

An absolutely incredible news about DrLupo, announced that all of his donations will be going to charity for the rest of his career.
He said in his stream that pokimane started the ball rolling by limiting all donations on her channel, DrLupo has been thinking of doing the same thing for a while now.

A quick thanks also to his community that allowed this to happen. Many streamers are now limiting their donations and pewdiepie  also stopped all donations on his live streams. The gaming community is evolving into a more positive and helpful space for everyone.

Also in addition DrLupo’s charity shirt is available now. So if you decide to support his cause you can get a shirt at the link posted on his twitter.

We are very thankful for DrLupo for being a great part of our gaming community. We hope there will be more people like him in the future.

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