What Was Lucky’s Performance At Astralis On His ESL Pro League Debut?

What Was Lucky's Performance At Astralis On His ESL Pro League Debut
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Astralis sighed with relief as rookie AWPer Lucky made a strong performance in the ESL Pro League.

For ESL Pro League Season 14, Astralis made a last-minute decision to replace Andreas “Xyp9x” Hjsleth with fresh new AWPer Philip “Lucky” Ewald. Lucky showed an unusual amount of confidence in the squad’s first encounter against Team Spirit.

In Astralis’ 2-1 triumph, the young sniper fought toe-to-toe with established international competitors. Lucky’s performance is a favorable omen for Astralis’ future, according to fans.

Even so, it wasn’t enough to beat Spirit on its own map. Astralis’ leading fragger, Lucky, finished game one on Dust 2 with 16 kills, tied with Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen. The Danes were significantly more at ease in game two on Inferno. Asralis’ CT team jumped out to a 7-1 lead early in the game and went on to win 16-6. Lucky chipped in with a few crucial frags, including a one-vs-two clutch.

The third map, Ancient, was Lucky’s final test. Spirit held a 3-2 record on the newest CSGO map going into the decider, while Astralis had a 0-2 record on the Ancient map. Spirit took an early 6-3 round lead, but Astralis responded with six straight rounds to take the half 9-6. On the CT side, the streak continued practically unbroken, resulting in a 16-7 Astralis triumph. Lucky’s AWP was responsible for 12 takedowns in his team’s first win on Ancient.

New Astralis recruit, Lucky, how good is he?

Overall, Lucky killed 40 people with three hundred and ninth deaths, giving him the series HLTV rating of 1.03. He didn’t get a ton of killing, but he was important to Astralis’s triumph via Lucky’s ability to tie angles. Their teammates were not healthy and Lucky even scored Inferno’s occasionally entering francs which proves him the good player of his new friends on Astralis.

Lucky worked as much as a novice at CSGO’s highest level can anticipate. Team Spirit hasn’t been an easy adversary. Lucky was unable to measure up to Abdulkhalik’s sniping star “degster” Gasanov, but Astralis’s Captain Gla1ve is probably pleased with Astralis’s debut.


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