After A 54-hour Livestream, iiTzTimmy Completes The Apex Legends Challenge “Solo Bronze To Predator”

After A 54-hour Livestream, iiTzTimmy Completes The Apex Legends Challenge Solo Bronze To Predator
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A legend in his own right.

iiTzTimmy has completed an astonishing “solo Bronze to Predator in one broadcast” challenge in Apex Legends after playing ranked matches for over two days straight.

The content producer and FPS hero began streaming on Saturday, Aug. 14, and reached Master division on Monday afternoon, following 46 hours of playing and nearly a full day of advancing through the Diamond rankings. In the next moments, his viewership topped 100,000.

Fortunately, Timmy was able to conquer the mountain after 54 hours and in front of almost 147,000 people, and he finally earned Apex Predator level, which means he is among the top 750 players on his platform. Not long after, the seemingly never-ending flood mercifully came to a stop.

The 21-year-old became tired and loopy as the stream progressed, but his aim and game skill remained largely unaffected. It was a surprising sight to behold, and spectators continued to pour in throughout the more than two-day marathon of nonstop Apex ranked matches nearly entirely as Pathfinder.

Timmy took intervals to drink water or coffee, use the restroom, and eat, but otherwise, the streaming consisted of dropping into World’s End and re-queuing without much delay. He restarted the stream shortly before the 48-hour mark because streaming for that long is against Twitch’s rules of service, but he returned to the live practically immediately.

Staying up for two days straight is obviously not healthy or usual, but not much about Timmy’s Apex prowess is. He’s a human clip machine, regularly pulling off fantastic trick shots and team wipes in Respawn’s battle royale and other shooters like VALORANT.

But it wasn’t simply about demonstrating something to himself. Timmy amassed over 11,000 subscriptions and nearly 100,000 followers during the marathon earning attention and is now approaching one million followers on Twitch.

Twitch has the complete VODs of the stream. It is not advisable to play anything for more than 54 hours in a row.



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