Victory 5 Defeat LNG 2-0 With Pocket Skarner

Victory 5 Defeat LNG 2-0 With Pocket Skarner
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Victory Five won their sixth series in a row today, sweeping LNG Esports as part of week six of the LPL 2022 Spring Split.\

Both LNG and V5 entered today’s League of Legends match, billed as the match of the week due to its competitiveness, to compete for higher seeding in the LPL’s tight race between the top six. Despite similar scorelines, both teams had different paths leading up to this match. V5 came in looking for their sixth straight series victory, while LNG was looking to snap a three-series losing streak after starting the season 7-0.

The anticipated clash between two LPL superteams began with a battle between the teams’ AD carries, LNG’s Light and V5’s Photic. In the 41-minute game one, the two combined for three deaths and 16 kills.

After a back-and-forth battle between V5 and LNG, the first game came down to a single teamfight centered on the Elder Dragon. V5 decimated LNG after Photic’s Jinx cleaned up the ensuing teamfight due to the Elder Dragon buffs after V5 jungler Karsa stole the Elder Dragon as Volibear.

While the first game was close, Karsa delivered a masterclass in game two. The talented PCS jungler dominated the early game with his pocket Skarner pick, which surprised LNG. His efforts on Skarner assisted V5 in eliminating LNG’s damage threats, while Photic and Rookie cleaned up teamfights with their damage on Orianna and Jinx. V5 dominated the final 26 minutes of the series.

V5 decimated the struggling LNG in a hyped matchup between two of the LPL’s most hyped superteams. This defeat drops LNG to 7-3 and fifth place in the LPL 2022 Spring Split. LNG started the season 7-0, but they haven’t won a match since losing to Royal Never Give Up, and they have a three-game losing streak. They’ll try to snap the streak when they face ThunderTalk Gaming next week.

V5’s 2-0 victory over LNG is their sixth consecutive series win in the LPL 2022 Spring Split, tying them for first place with Weibo Gaming. They and Weibo Gaming now have a two-series lead over the four-way tie between Edward Gaming, Bilibili Gaming, RNG, and LNG, who all have a 7-3 record. When V5 takes on JD Gaming on March 4, they will look to extend their winning streak to seven games.

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