VALORANT Players Uncover A Way To Escape Fracture

VALORANT Players Uncover A Way To Escape Fracture
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Check for any opponents who may be lurking in this location.

VALORANT players have discovered a way to jump from the zipline on Fracture and land on a beam beneath the map, allowing them to easily exit the playing region.

Fracture is the latest map in VALORANT, and it has received mixed reviews owing to its unique layout, which differs greatly from prior maps. Defenders spawn at the center of the map rather than across from the attackers, and attackers can push any site from two directions by default.

While the map layout is one of the most common complaints about Fracture, players have discovered a means to simply exit the area, which may be bad enough to become the game’s most serious drawback.

RiceVsNoodles, a VALORANT player, released a brief video of numerous players in the lobby using the new option to exit the map. Players must use the zipline leading away from the attacker spawn and hold shift while crossing the gap. They can use the activate key to jump from the zipline and land on a beam beneath the map if they do it correctly.

They can run to the edge of the region from here and reach rocks that lead outside of the playable area. Some agents, such as Jett, can go a reasonable distance and potentially fire foes from a variety of locations.

This bug is simple to reproduce, and gamers have reported encounters with enemies in their lobbies. Riot Games will almost certainly fix this bug in a future version.

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