VALORANT Player Took Advantage Of Omen’s Smoke Killing 4 Enemies

VALORANT Player Took Advantage Of Omen's Smoke Killing 4 Enemies
Image via Valorbuff

A VALORANT player took full advantage of Omen’s smoke to easily dispatch four unsuspecting opponents.

In VALORANT, a well-placed smoke can swiftly alter the tides of a round. If players push through the obstruction, they will be unable to see through the smoke and will become an easy kill. A smart controller player can manage the tempo of a round by using smoke to protect a site or area. If you can catch adversaries off guard as they push past the blockage, smoke can also serve as a good hiding area.

Mervuss, a VALORANT player, shared a brief video of them using Omen’s smoke as a fantastic hiding area to lure four adversaries to their doom. They poured smoke at Split’s B main, preventing the attackers from seeing inside. The opponent Breach utilized their ultimate to clear the area, which is a good technique to enter a location. They didn’t count on the Omen player lurking in the shadows, waiting for the best moment to strike.

Mervuss waited for the opposing team to surge into the haze and killed four adversaries in under a second. The assailants were about to carry out the attack, but nothing could save them from a few well-placed shots from a hidden adversary.

In VALORANT, hiding in a cloud of smoke is a good approach to get easy kills on foes. Just be careful not to overuse this strategy before players start shooting through smoke to discover you.



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