Valorant Challengers North America Main Event Postponed

  • Due to the winter storms in many states across North America Riot Games decided to postpone the Valorant Challengers Week 2 main event.
  • Event moved to Feb 20 instead of Feb 18

Valorant Challengers North America Main Event Postponed

According to Riot Games they decided to postpone the start date of the North American Valorant Champions Tour Challengers 2 main event because of most states are being hit with winter storms. As many cities across the country suffer power outages because of the storm, postponing the event is a good decision. If the event will push through probably the participants will suffer power outages during the match.

The power outage is being experienced by a lot of pro gamers and streamers. Including xQc who tweeted a while back about experience a power outage during one of his live streams.



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