VALORANT: According To Its Developers, Valuable Cheating Reports Is At An All-Time Low

VALORANT: According To Its Developers, Valuable Cheating Reports Is At An All-Time Low
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Riot Games is putting forth a lot of effort to keep cheats from spoiling the game.

In a report released, VALORANT anti-cheat team member Matt “K3o” Paoletti stated that cheating report rates are at an all-time low.

The VALORANT anti-cheat update for autumn 2021 informs players of the progress accomplished thus far and how the team is working hard to keep cheaters from hurting the experience in Riot Games’ FPS. Paoletti acknowledged that the first VALORANT Champions Tour “went incredibly well” and that the crew began reviewing professional players as early as the open qualifications to ensure that the tournament remained competitive. Previous meta-game system changes have also aided in the fight against cheaters, resulting in a lower trend in the number of cheating reports.

The increasing popularity of VALORANT has generated a “global market” for cheaters, and Riot is working hard to remain ahead of the game. The good news is that the effort is paying off, since cheating report numbers are at an all-time low, implying that players are having fewer problems in their gameplay.

Because the team does read the notes, Paoletti urges players to keep reporting troublesome players and to be detailed in their comments. While the fact that there are fewer reports of cheats is encouraging, the team must continue to work hard to remain on top of the problem.

“Yes, cheaters still exist in VALORANT, and they will always exist in some form,” Paoletti added. “However, we’ve spent a significant amount of effort, both through operational and technical developments, to ensure that cheating is kept to a minimum and, more crucially, that cheating is never a realistic path to long-term competitive success in VALORANT.” We need to find a compromise between keeping games as safe as possible while also ensuring that the arms race with cheaters keeps moving at a speed that we can keep up with.”

In Act III and Episode Four, the crew will focus on preventing cheats from destroying the game. It will also look into “other forms of game integrity abuse” that cheaters could employ to influence gaming in an indirect way, such as boosting low-ranked players. Riot can also “better identify and prevent cheats” because of developments in cybersecurity.



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