Using A Grenade, Apex Legends Player Bounces The Final Adversary Off The Map

When you’re in a high position, stay away from grenades.

Using A Grenade, Apex Legends Player Bounces The Final Adversary Off The Map
Image from Dexerto

An Apex Legends player made an outstanding play to win a game, using a grenade to knock the final enemy off the stage.

Frag grenades are a great way to hurt foes and soften them up before moving forward in Apex. Because adversaries must move to dodge the blast, they can also push enemies out of hiding. However, one Apex player used a grenade to knock an enemy off the map, which isn’t a typical strategy but still works.

The final opponent, who was taking an elevated position at the map’s edge, was being fought by an Apex player and his team. The athlete had a great view of the surroundings and could keep the team at bay from afar.

Instead of confronting the opponent head-on, the player in the video chose to utilize a frag grenade to knock him off the map. The final team watched as the final opponent flew off the map thanks to the grenade after properly lining up the throw. The enemy was unable to evade the blast and died hopelessly, with no possibility of survival.

In a three-vs-one situation, the final adversary’s chances of victory were already slim. However, it’s likely that dying by a grenade was more painful than dying in typical combat. This footage should serve as a caution to those considering holding an elevated position near the map’s edge.


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