Season 10 Of Apex Legends Will See Respawn Put In-game Comics On Hiatus

Season 10 Of Apex Legends Will See Respawn Put In-game Comics On Hiatus
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In Emergence, though, there is still “plenty of lore.”

The tenth season of Apex Legends, Emergence, will not have an in-game comic, according to head writer Amanda Doiron. Nonetheless, there will still be “plenty of lore” in the upcoming season.

“Just a heads up that we are putting our in-game comics on hold—at least for a little while,” Doiron tweeted ahead of the start of the Emergence season tomorrow. Since season five, Apex has introduced a new quest every season, and the comics have featured some of the most pivotal moments in Apex Legends narrative, such as the rescue of simulacrum-turned-arena-host Ash.

Although the language could indicate that Respawn would return to a text-based style similar to The Broken Ghost, it is more likely that there will be no quest in Emergence. “We want to experiment with different ways of presenting stories in our BR without becoming stuck in the same approaches every season, whether we have a narrative to tell in that format or not,” Doiron added.

Respawn has done a lot of testing with in-game teasers. For example, in season five, Respawn placed a series of letters from Crypto’s foster sister Mila inside the Kings Canyon bunkers. Caustic discovering a “new toxin” before his season eight story arc occurred outside of the season quest or a comic, and legends recently encountered Seer’s drone as a preview for the new character.

Outside of the game, Respawn has a large library of lore cinematics and teasers, including a critical event in Revenant and Loba’s storyline, as well as the established Stories from the Outlands series. Pathfinder’s Quest, Apex’s first lore book, was inspired by Fight Night, which set the stage for Pathfinder’s search for his creator. Despite the fact that the season quest put Pathfinder on the correct track, the events that followed Family Portrait occurred primarily outside of the game.

According to Doiron, there is still “plenty of lore” in Emergence, but fans will have to wait until the new season launches to see what Respawn has planned for Apex.

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