TSM Eliminated From The NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier Following Envy’s Defeat In The Masters Berlin Grand Finals

TSM Eliminated From The NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier Following Envy's Defeat In The Masters Berlin Grand Finals
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To stay in the game, the team needed Envy to win.

A Team Envy loss in the Masters Berlin grand finals today statistically eliminated TSM from the upcoming NA Last Chance Qualifier, ending the VALORANT Champions Tour campaign for TSM.

Amusingly, the outcome of the VCT Masters Berlin grand finals had little bearing on the two teams involved, as both Gambit and Team Envy had already saved Champions spots simply by earning enough VCT points.

TSM, Sentinels, 100 Thieves, and a fourth team selected by the NA LCQ would all qualify for the Champions League if Envy prevails this weekend. This situation would have allowed TSM, which is currently 11th in the VCT points standings, to join the LCQ field in October despite the fact that all three of those teams were already eligible for Champions.

TSM VALORANT has come to an end after a turbulent year in the VCT. In 2020, they were considered to be among the best NA rosters, but in 2021, they lost all of their momentum. When they did make it to the top four, it was only in one Challengers event, and they then went on to have a dismal showing in the Playoffs. They earned 40 VCT points there, their only points for the year, but it wasn’t enough to allow them to continue their journey.

A few roster changes were made during the season, but nothing worked out perfectly. Wardell, Subroza, Hazed, and LeviathanAG are all active, while cutleR, drone, and bang are all on the sidelines.

EMEA will be represented by four teams at Champions after Gambit’s victory. Now since Fnatic’s VCT points allowed them to skip the LCQ and go straight to Champions, while forZe now sneaks into the EMEA LCQ field, both teams got the Gambit victory they were hoping for.

The Strike Arabia winner will compete alongside the top EMEA Teams in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier, which begins on October 10. The top two teams from the Oceania Tour, ORDER and PEACE, will compete in the NA LCS, which begins on October 12.

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