Among The Top Agents At The VCT Masters Berlin Group Stage: Jett, Sova, Astra, And Skye

Among The Top Agents At The VCT Masters Berlin Group Stage Jett, Sova, Astra, And Skye
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That was a surprise.

It should come as no surprise that Jett was the most frequently selected VALORANT agent during the group stage of the VCT Masters Berlin competition. The duelist on the go has repeatedly shown why she’s a top choice in competitive play. VALORANT’s top duelist, Jett has the skills to get into and out of tight situations, gain advantageous vantage points, and dominate during save rounds. No agent has a pick rate as high as Sova, Astra, and Skye’s, but they are all in the top four.

Since top-tier players can most benefit from Jett’s mechanics, as seen by her whopping 80% pick rate in Berlin, according to, her continued presence in professional play may warrant some adjustments. Riot may want to consider weakening her in some way, whether it’s by raising the cost of her abilities, reworking her dash, or reducing the power of her ultimate.

Pick rates for Sova, Astra, and Skye are all around 61 percent, 58 percent, and 53 percent, respectively, and this makes sense. Each of these agents provides the functionality required for execution or rotation. Sova’s spy skills are unrivaled, as he possesses two special abilities that allow him to detect other players. When combined with Shock Darts and an ultimate that has the potential to deal fatal damage, he’s an excellent choice. Astra has risen to prominence as a top controller due to the fact that she offers more than just smokes, such as Gravity Well or Cosmic Divide. Because of her ability to use three blinds in a round, Skye is among the game’s best initiators.

Duelist Yoru, on the other hand, has only been selected once by F4Q during Berlin’s group stage—and that match didn’t go well. Despite the fact that there is still time for more teams to appear in the international competition, choosing Yoru would put them at a disadvantage. Despite the fact that the duelist’s equipment has some outplay potential, it is too clumsy and labor-intensive to be effective.

Due to “unforeseen circumstances,” Riot has “indefinitely delayed[ed]” buffs for the underwhelming agent.

The single-elimination playoff stage of VCT Masters Berlin begins tomorrow. Fans can watch Vision Strikers take on Gambit Esports at 6 a.m. CT.


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