MethodZSicK And DagaT1 Triumph In The Warzone EU No. 2 World Series Of Warzone While ChowH1 Wins $100,000 In The Solo Yolo Game

MethodZSicK And DagaT1 Triumph In The Warzone EU No. 2 World Series Of Warzone While ChowH1 Wins $100,000 In The Solo Yolo Game
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Riot Shield and Gallo SA12 are an unbeatable team. We’ll have to be patient.

Last night, the European World Series of Warzone II was held on Twitch Rivals. The stakes were higher this time around, with $400,000 on the line, so the format changed a little bit.

Team Recrent won the $20,000 captain cup with 572 points last month in the EU trios tournament thanks to his roster. Despite this, Jukeyz, Fifakill, and WarsZ—the three bright lights of the trio event—dominated each match, taking home $50,000 in prize money and a combined total of 148 points.

If you’re not accustomed with the World Series of Warzone’s format and point placement, each elimination equals one point for your team’s and captain’s standings. There is a 1x multiplier for teams that finish 16th or lower. Teams that finish between second and fifteenth get a 1.5x multiplier. Your points are multiplied by two if you win in Verdansk.

Many Call of Duty players were keeping an eye out for Team Jukeyz in the duo event, hoping that they would take the lead and defeat Verdansk with the help of none other than Fifakill.

Instead of playing six games, all 75 teams decamped to Verdansk for five. The finals of the sixth series pitted all 150 players against each other in a single lobby for a chance to win $100,000. Even if you were the runner-up in this lobby, you would still have nothing.

World Series of Warzone duo champions MethodZSicK and DagaT1 from Spain won $40,000, while trio winners Jukeyz and Fifakill finished eighth.

When LouiCM was eliminated in the fourth round, he was due a double multiplier. After reflecting on his final moments, he discussed the use of the Gallo SA12 shotgun with casters WavePunk and Allycxt.

To cap off the event, each of the 150 players dropped into Verdansk solo for the final game, where they battled for a Warzone victory with $100,000 on the line. With the search for a meta in Warzone, the use of Riot Shields and shotguns took center stage. ChowH1, a French player, defeated Jezuzjrr in the 11th circle to win the Solo Yolo game and the $100,000 first-place prize.

The NA World Series of Warzone draft has yet to be made official.

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