The Viper Bug Fully Conceals The View of VALORANT Gamers

The Viper Bug Fully Conceals The View of VALORANT Gamers
Image via Reddit

While defusing the Spike, a VALORANT player had a bug that fully blinded them for the rest of the round.

In the footage, the player was attempting to defuse the spike when an opponent Viper player used their Poison Cloud ability right on the player. This resulted in a one-of-a-kind error in which they appeared to be constantly shrouded by green smoke despite moving away.

Unfortunately, the player and his team did not do well, and they ended up losing the round. The bug remained on the screen long after the player died.

It’s not totally apparent what caused this bug to occur. Commenters added in, claiming that this issue has been occuring more regularly recently and that some people have dealt with it numerous times. Players have reported seeing it on many maps, implying that it isn’t directly related to a place, but rather a problem in Viper’s interaction.

Fortunately, this problem only lasted one round. After being brought to Riot’s notice, a fix should be implemented in the near future to completely solve the problem.

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