After Claims of Grooming and Manipulation, Streamer Arcadum Was Dropped By His Talent Agency

After Claims of Grooming and Manipulation, Streamer Arcadum Was Dropped By His Talent Agency
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Novo and his owner, Devin Nash, are both trying to distance themselves from the streamer.

Following claims of grooming and manipulation against Twitch streamer Jeremy “Arcadum” Black, Novo Talent & Creative Agency has ended his contract.

A statement from Novo’s owner and co-creator Devin Nash addressed the claims and said that he and the company will no longer work with Black.

Nash believes that Black approached him days before the allegations were made public, but that the account Black gave him was “far from true” and “described a radically different circumstance than these women worked on,” according to Nash. Novo initially offered to fund a third-party inquiry into the matter, but Nash stated the investigation was no longer necessary when multiple women reported their reported incidents.

Nash also stated that he would be withdrawing from all of Black’s work and would no longer be participating in his Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

“I am also permanently ceasing to participate in Arcadum’s D&D games and brand,” Nash added. “I want to be clear: we support the courageous individuals who came forward despite the difficulty and pressure they faced. Others are encouraged to do the same.”

According to Nash, Black’s contract with Novo has been canceled.

Yesterday, more than ten women took to social media to make complaints against Black. As of now, Black has not answered these charges, though he did promise to do so in a live stream later today.

Respawn indicated in the tweet that the choice to eliminate tap-strafing required “consideration and debate.” However, it was eventually determined that the move is “inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by mobility abilities.” While no other information about the decision was disclosed, the developer promised that a more complete explanation would be included in the upcoming patch notes.

As usual, the community’s reaction to this news was varied. People are pleading with Respawn to reconsider their decision in the thread beneath the tweet. Many think that movement is a crucial component of Apex, and that this decision undermines it. Others, however, claimed that the decision to remove the move was correct, claiming that it created a more even playing field. Even though the maneuver was lawful, many people believed it was a form of cheating.



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