Tap-Strafing Will Be Removed In Apex Legends Patch 10.1

Tap-Strafing Will Be Removed In Apex Legends Patch 10.1
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Tap-strafing is departing Apex Legends after much “consideration and debate.”

Apex Legends’ developers have revealed that the game’s future version will abolish tap-strafing, which is a contentious move. This is a type of mobility that is mostly used by PC gamers and allows them to take fast turns and dodge opponents. Respawn’s official Twitter account announced the change on Tuesday.

Tap-strafing, for those who are unfamiliar, is simply a mid-air maneuver that PC players may do to become more nimble and harder to hit. Until now, the motion was seen as legal and not as a flaw or exploitation. In truth, while the move is easier to execute with a mouse and keyboard, individuals using gamepads can also execute a variant of the move; it just takes a little more effort. Mouse and keyboard players, on the other hand, can link the leap command to a key or mouse to make the maneuver easier and more precise.

While Respawn intends to eliminate tap-strafing with patch 10.1, an exact release date is uncertain. However, if the developer adheres to the standard patch plan, the move would be removed with a midseason patch. Because Season 10: Emergence debuted in early August, a midseason patch is likely to arrive in mid-September.


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