The LCK 2022 Spring Split All-Pro Team Features Four-Fifths Of The Historic T1 Lineup

The LCK 2022 Spring Split All-Pro Team Features Four-Fifths Of The Historic T1 Lineup
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T1 nearly swept the league’s first All-Pro team just over 24 hours after finishing a perfect 18-0 run in LCK Spring, with four of its five starters earning All-LCK honors. The LCK announced its Spring award winners earlier today, with star T1 support Keria named overall MVP of the Korean league for the split, and four of the team’s players named to the league’s first All-LCK squad.

Zeus, Faker, Gumayusi, and, of course, Keria were the four T1 players to earn All-LCK honors. Canyon of DWG KIA was the only non-T1 player to make the first All-Pro team this split. Oner, the T1 jungler, was named to the second All-LCK team. Furthermore, this was the first time Faker was named to an LCK All-Pro team since the 2020 Spring split.

Other familiar faces lined the second and third All-LCK teams, in addition to T1’s dominance of the first team. The second and third All-LCK teams were represented by Gen.G mid laner Chovy and DWG KIA mid laner Showmaker, respectively, under Faker.

A mismatched pair of bot laners from Gen.G and DRX were also named All-Pro, with Gen.Ruler G’s and DRX’s BeryL named to the second All-LCK team, while DRX’s Deft and Gen.Lehends G’s were named to the third team.

Notable players named to All-LCK squads outside of the top four LCK teams this split included KT Rolster top laner Rascal and Kwangdong Freecs top laner Kiin, who were named to the second and third All-LCK teams, respectively. Rascal was also the only All-Pro player not from a Spring Split playoff-qualifying team among the 15 named.

The 2022 LCK Spring Split playoffs will begin on March 23 with a best-of-five series between DWG KIA and Fredit BRION, followed by T1’s lineup of All-LCK players on March 26, who received a bye and automatically qualified for the second round of the playoffs.

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