Keria Becomes The First Support Player In LCK History To Be Named MVP Of The Korean League

Keria Becomes The First Support Player In LCK History To Be Named MVP Of The Korean League
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The LCK has announced its latest league MVP, T1 support Keria, who will represent the league in the 2022 Spring Split. With this win, Keria has become the first support player to ever win MVP in the South Korean League of Legends competition.

Keria assisted T1 in achieving a perfect split in his third split with the organization. It was the first time in LCK history that a team finished an LCK split undefeated. All-LCK honors were bestowed upon his teammates, with four of T1’s five starters named to the first All-LCK team.

Keria broke the all-time LCK record for most assists in a single split this spring, breaking a record that had stood for nearly seven seasons. Wolf, a former SK Telecom supporter, previously held the position. Keria’s 462 assists broke Wolf’s previous record of 445 assists. Furthermore, Keria and this season’s T1 squad broke the previous record of match victories by a team in a split set by SKT in 2015; that squad won 17 games in a single LCK season.

Only junglers and mid laners have won LCK MVP awards since the 2019 Spring Split. Peanut most recently won the award while playing for Nongshim RedForce last summer. Keria is the first LCK supporter to be named MVP. No AD carry has ever received the league’s top honor. The last time a support player from all four major League regions was named MVP of a split was in 2020, when CoreJJ was named LCS MVP with Team Liquid.

Keria and T1 will return to the LCK stage on March 26 for their second-round playoff match. The LCK Spring Split playoffs will begin on March 23.

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