The Guard Leads 13-0 Opposed To 100T To Gain 2-0 Start To 2022 VCT NA Challengers

After dividing a number of shaky maps to begin the series, the Guard accentuated their victory against 100 Thieves with a smooth performance on Ascent. Their 3-0 win on map three gave the freshly formed roster a 2-0 record prior to the 2022 event VCT NA Challengers One.

The Guard Leads 13-0 Opposed To 100T To Gain 2-0 Start To 2022 VCT NA Challengers
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The Guard was completely in control earlier on in the series, having a 10-2 lead following their attack on Haven on big performances from Sayaplayer and trent. However, an100-tai rally on their own front saw them take a 12-11 lead. A Sayaplayer clutch then sent it to overtime. Two double kills were delivered by the Guard’s Jett main in each overtime round that finally pushed his team to the finish line on Haven, 14-12.


100T made a comeback on Split, answering the first 4 rounds from the Guard with 13 of the next 15 rounds with a number of multi-kill rounds. Ethan exhibited a 13-6 win on Split with a 4k of his own.


Eventually, the series ended on Ascent. 100T didn’t do themselves a lot of favors with their interesting agent comp, deciding to go with double-initiator, double-sentinel and no duelist. With the Guard deciding to select Sage and starting on defense, they made an entry that was next to impossible for 100T. Not a single member of 100T garnered more than 5 kills and they couldn’t keep The Guard off the site during the 2nd half pistol. 

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