The Complete List Of All Twitch Payouts (Twitch Leaks)

The Complete List Of All Twitch Payouts (Twitch Leaks)
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Only subs, bits, and advertising revenue are included in payouts.

A data leak on Twitch exposed details about streamer payouts over the last 26 months, and as you might guess, some of the platform’s top streamers have earned millions.

Only money from subscriptions, bit donations, and ad revenue is included in Twitch payout breaches. The numbers do not include any private sponsorships or direct contributions that a streamer may have received during that time period.

The reimbursements also do not include any money they may have earned directly from Twitch for signing a deal to solely stream on the platform.

Payouts are mentioned from August 2019 to October 2021, and among the top streamers is a plethora of familiar names like xQc, Summit1g, and Tfue.

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Because services like Twitch Tracker track the number of subscribers the platform’s top broadcasters have, many viewers have an idea of how much streamers make in that aspect.

The most important thing to glean from the leaks is that those who know how much money streamers make from ad income and bit donations may be able to use algebra and deductive reasoning to figure out how much money they make per subscription.

The standard payout for a subscription is 50% of $5 ($2.50), but top partnered streamers receive a higher percentage—one that is negotiated with the platform.

While broadcasters are not permitted to reveal that information, one of Twitch’s most prominent streamers, Ludwig, indicated that streamers may utilize the information from the latest breaches to compete for a larger share of subscription money.

The premise is that if persons with fewer subscribers are making more money, their compensation per subscriber is likely to be larger.


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