For Just A Span Of Three Days, Amouranth Was Unbanned From Twitch

For Just A Span Of Three Days, Amouranth Was Unbanned From Twitch
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After three days, Amouranth was unbanned from Twitch, although she is still banned from her primary Instagram and TikTok accounts.

After a three-day ban that began on October 8, Twitch has unbanned Amouranth’s channel.

The actual cause for her suspension is unknown, however, it was most likely due to her sexually provocative content on and off Twitch. Amouranth is still blocked from her primary Instagram account, which has millions of followers, as of this writing. Her TikTok account appears to be blocked as well.

When Amouranth’s Twitch account was blocked last week, Commander Root, a Twitch partner, and software developer pointed out that the coding still identified her as a Twitch partner.

When a ban is momentary and not permanent, Twitch usually keeps streamers partnered, so it’s not unexpected that Amouranth’s ban lasted only for a few days. However, Amouranth made it appear as if her suspension was indefinite. On Oct. 9, she included a deceptive Mizkif clip at the start of her YouTube video “This got me banned on Twitch and Instagram.”

“I guess that’s her last ban,” Mizkif stated in the video. She could be on her way out. “It’s the end of an era.”

Despite the fact that the video’s title implies that Amouranth would explain why she was banned, the video actually provides little to no information on the subject. Given that Amouranth has now been unbanned from Twitch, it’s safe to assume that the Oct. 9 video was nothing more than clickbait.

Amouranth’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are still blocked, however, her Twitter account is still accessible. “Guess who got verified At last?” Amouranth tweeted yesterday when she was still banned on Twitch. Her main Twitter account appears to have been verified, which is a certification given to accounts that are “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another specified sector.”


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