Apex Legends Players Are Facing Serious Audio Troubles Due To A Bug

Apex Legends Players Are Facing Serious Audio Troubles Due To A Bug
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Matches are being disrupted by the blaring music.

Audio problems have been reported in Apex Legends, causing the game’s music to blast throughout matches or removing all game sound altogether.

Almost every video game relies heavily on audio. Apex players, particularly when fighting an opposition team, have to be able to hear audio prompts. Players may lose a gunfight if they are unable to hear the opponent’s footsteps or the direction of shooting.

Apex player KoonLeo just shared a video of their encounter with the glitch. When the song started playing, they were fighting an enemy team and had taken cover behind a building to heal and recover. They were at a significant disadvantage because they couldn’t hear any other game audio over the booming music, culminating in their death.

Other gamers experienced the same issue in their games, prompting others to disable music entirely. When the music stops, some players report hearing nothing, which is probably worse than having music pounding in your ears. The origin of this problem is unknown, though some gamers believe it occurs after being revived.

This is a major problem that affects a large number of players. When the bug appears near the finish of a game, it puts teams in an almost impossible predicament to win when the stakes are high.

The glitch has yet to be publicly mentioned by Respawn, and it’s unknown whether the developers are aware of the situation. It will need to be fixed in a future version so that players can conclude their games without blowing their speakers.


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