Teleport Gets Big Nerf On League of Legends PBE

Teleport Gets Big Nerf On League of Legends PBE
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If implemented in the 2022 preseason, the nerf might have a long-term impact on the meta.

In 2022, Teleport could get an upgrade.

The summoner spell, which has become a fixture of the top and mid lanes in recent years, may be getting a significant nerf, limiting it to allied structures for the first 14 minutes of the game.

“After four seconds of channeling, teleports your champion to target allied structure,” the spell says on the League of Legends public test environment (PBE). “At 14 minutes, Unleashed Teleport is upgraded.”

“Unleashed Teleport” is the standard version of Teleport that Summoner’s Rift players are used to, and it may presently be channeled on allied structures, minions, wards, traps, and Zac’s passive bloblets.

If the nerf is implemented in the 2022 preseason, it might have a long-term impact on the meta.

It inhibits champions, particularly top laners, from punishing the bot lane in the early game, providing players greater breathing room. It also halts early skirmishes, reducing the general speed of the game. As a result, the nerf may force top laners to farm for the first 14 minutes, leaving little room for inventiveness.

This modification, though, is provisional and may easily be reversed before the next patch hits live servers in two weeks. Patch 11.25 is set to be released on December 22nd.

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