Team Solo Mid Abandons Competitive Fortnite

  • Macwood, Ferrrnando and Safaroonie are dropped from TSM.
  • TSM Leena had negative thoughts about the future of competitive Fortnite years ago.

Team Solo Mid Abandons Competitive Fortnite


TSM now fully taking a step back from competitive Fortnite. TSM are dropping three of their rosters for their competitive Fortnite team. The three players are Macwood, Ferrrnando and Safaroonie.

They have left some of their Fortnite roster mainly for content creation. TSM Leena the general manager for TSM said on a video years ago how Fortnite competitive scene is not that great of an opportunity for eSport organizations because of how Epic Games deals with the competitive integrity of the game.

Meanwhile former roster Macwood and the rest are probably looking for another eSports organization that they will be moving to.

Team NRG also said farewell to TSM’s competitive Fortnite roster by posting a meme on their twitter account. Team NRG has most of the top Fortnite content creators on their roster. They are not focused on the competitive side of the game.


Fortnite isn’t probably a great eSport among the rest of the games out there but they do have some of the most entertaining video content out there by their players.

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