Summit1g Discusses New World And Deems PvE Combat “sad”

The streamer believes that the boss bouts may use some improvements in terms of gameplay.

Summit1g, one of Twitch’s most experienced streamers and MMO veterans, recently expressed his thoughts on Amazon’s maiden foray into the genre, New World, which began beta testing last month and will end in a few hours.

Summit1g Discusses New World And Deems PvE Combat sad
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The MMO has proven a huge hit so far, with over 200,000 continuous gamers on Steam just days after the test began. However, it does not appear to be suitable for everyone. Summit brought out a few significant points that he didn’t like.

Summit critiqued one component in particular, PvE fighting in New World, stating it “looked sad.”

“In PvE, hack, and slash, your fight is completely different, your boss has to do mechanics that you must completely avoid, and all I’ve seen so far is five or six people getting around a boss and just spamming their attacks on them, and that is fucking it,” Summit added. “It’s kind of depressing in a PvE sense,” says the player. How can you avoid having a fucking dragon slamming down waves in regions that you need to avoid? Maybe I just haven’t seen that part, but right now it’s just like “oh, farming high-level dungeons!” and they’re just whacking this fucking little guy for all his HP with everyone crammed around him, and it’s just like “dude, this is so dumb.”

Summit prefaced his statement by stating that he had not participated in the most recent beta phase and that the majority of his exposure had come from watching other streams playing. Summit’s justification for avoiding playing the game during the beta period is that once it expires, no progress will be kept. As a result, he considered it a waste of time.

However, the streamer wasn’t entirely critical about the game. Summit said there were elements of the game that he liked as well as some that he didn’t, and he’s forward to see what happens when it officially opens later this month.

New World is set to open on August 31 if there are no last-minute delays, with the beta coming to an end soon.

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