Shroud Criticizes Players Who Prioritize Maximum Graphics Above Performance

Shroud Criticizes Players Who Prioritize Maximum Graphics Above Performance
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No matter how powerful your gaming equipment is, Twitch broadcaster Michael “shroud” Grzesiek believes you should not choose graphics above performance.

It’s thrilling to maximize your video settings after upgrading to a higher GPU. The game may appear more sophisticated if you view your surroundings in high definition. Nonetheless, shroud believes that performance should always come first.

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player shroud slammed players who improve graphic settings at the expense of consistent frames per second in a recent stream. Many would argue that on bespoke setups with the latest hardware, it’s fine to use ideal graphic settings, but not modifying your settings to improve performance will only result in a “poor time,” according to shroud.

“If you’re not putting things on low that isn’t essential, as this nonsense, what are you doing with post-processing?” This isn’t something you want on ultra. I don’t believe you’re aware of the performance disparity.

You’re doing it wrong if you’re not adjusting your graphic settings in any video game, no matter what hardware you have,” he remarked.

In gaming, should you put more emphasis on graphics or performance?

Casual players may be willing to put up with choppy gameplay in exchange for the greatest graphics and visuals, but if you’re playing to win, you’ll want to make some adjustments. Even if you have a high-end computer, FPS spikes might degrade your gaming experience and damage your performance. Despite the fact that he is running a $3,000 GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card and a Ryzen 9 5950X processor, he still turns down the visuals to get the most out of his monster system.

Minor FPS differences can make a huge difference in advanced competitive games like Valorant, CSGO, and Apex Legends. It’s one of the reasons why, despite playing on high-end machines, so many professional players prefer modest settings. In games that require quick reaction times, even the slightest frame discrepancy can cause substantial disadvantages. In a competitive match, for example, your PC may load new frames slower than the enemy, placing you at a significant disadvantage.

Although shroud’s high-tech PC is capable of handling high-end visuals, the former pro keeps to modest settings in all games. The only goal is to get better and more consistent frame rates, which begin to decline when there is more graphical information per frame than your GPU can handle. Heavy graphic effects like anti-aliasing, shadow detail, and texture quality can be reduced to avoid this.

These things may not be high on the priority list for casual players. However, adjusting a few options might make a big difference in your gaming.

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