Riot Reveals Nerfs To Dr. Mundo, Talon, And Other Characters In League Patch 11.24b

Riot Reveals Nerfs To Dr. Mundo, Talon, And Other Characters In League Patch 11.24b
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Riot’s final present to us in the 2021 season is a set of long-awaited nerfs.

The last League of Legends patch of the year is soon approaching, bringing with it a slew of nerfs to champions and systems that took advantage of new preseason strategies.

Riot Phlox, a League designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, disclosed the specifics of the nerfs that were first foreshadowed yesterday in Patch 11.24b. Changes to the numbers of different champions that have dominated their respective roles in recent months are included in this batch of nerfs, as is a nerf to League’s newest rune. This will be the final patch of 2021, according to Phlox. The next patch, scheduled to be the first of the 2022 season, will be issued in January.

Dr. Mundo, the lone tank affected by these nerfs, has his HP regeneration and Q damage reduced somewhat. Though the Madman of Zaun hasn’t been terrifying the Rift to the same extent he did before being updated, these adjustments should make his delusions of a tank with infinite health less onerous to his lane opponents.

Talon’s damage ratios are being tweaked in the jungle to reduce his clear and compensate for his aggressive mobility. His W, which had a 150 percent damage ratio against jungle camps before, has been reduced to 130 percent currently. One of the main reasons Talon has been able to thrive in the jungle is the newest Inspiration keystone, First Strike, which will have its damage bonus reduced by a modest amount when activated.

Kassadin and Lux are the two mages on Patch 11.24b’s nerf list, two champions that have thrived in their respective lanes for distinct reasons. Kassadin has developed a number of new playstyles that complement his all-in pressure thanks to new Mythic mage gear. As a result, his passive damage reduction has been reduced, as has the bonus damage on his W. Lux, a support who isn’t commonly used in the middle, has been binding foes at a faster rate as a result of which her Q cooldown and damage have both been significantly reduced.

Vayne’s additional damage connected with her ultimate will be lowered to make room for counterplays, as she’s been playing both top and bot lane ADC in recent weeks. She completes the list of champions who will be nerfed in the 2021 season, with more champions likely to be nerfed in the future as Riot assesses the preseason’s new items and features.


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