Recent Apex Legends Hacks Have Slowed Cross-Progression Efforts

The recent Titanfall-related hacks have hindered cross-progression efforts in Apex Legends. Over the weekend, an Apex fan on Twitter asked game designer Chad Grenier about cross-progression, and he responded with an update. “It’s under development, though recent Apex and TF hacks have hampered efforts as we shift our focus to fixing live game concerns.”

Recent Apex Legends Hacks Have Slowed Cross-Progression Efforts


The “live game difficulties” that Grenier is alluding to are the recent hacks. Hackers took over Apex Legends’ Playlists area a week ago with a plea to “rescue Titanfall,” a statement meant to convince Respawn to pay attention to the difficulties facing Titanfall and Titanfall 2, but one that failed to have the desired effect.

Titanfall’s multiplayer has been unplayable for months now thanks to a racist hacker that immediately shuts down game servers as soon as anyone tries to join. Once thought limited to the original Titanfall, Titanfall 2 has since come under similar attacks that are preventing many players from even joining a multiplayer match.

Disgruntled Apex fans felt that the only way to combat a hacker was to become a hacker when Titanfall’s problems grew worse. The “Save Titanfall” message was then posted to Apex Legends’ live servers by an unknown entity. Rather than achieving its claimed goal, the hack merely managed to get Respawn developers to labor over the weekend to get their battle royale game back up and running.

Only two Respawn personnel are presently working to resolve Titanfall and Titanfall 2’s hacking vulnerabilities, while the rest of Respawn Vancouver is focused on safeguarding Apex Legends from future hacks. Maybe we’ll see some development on cross-progression once they’re done.

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