Mizkif Gives Update On Platforming Game Unrooted

Mizkif Gives Update On Platforming Game Unrooted
Image from Ginx TV

Despite the early alpha status, the game appears to be promising.

Over the last five years, Mizkif has established himself as a successful entrepreneur. Aside from his successful stream and involvement in the formation of the esports group OTK, the streamer has demonstrated another path he’s been exploring with his own game, Unrooted.

Mizkif revealed footage from the game’s pre-alpha stage on a recent stream to give his audience an idea of what they may expect when the game is finished and released in the future.

A quirky cartoon art style complements the Jump King-like gameplay. Mizkif, who appears to be an unknown sapling, indicated that as players go through the game, they will encounter plot aspects.

Mizkif stated that his team had been diligently at work on the project, but that the present footage missed many of the animations and other key mechanics that will be included in the final product.

Mizkif elaborated on his game’s objectives, saying that he intended to make something addictive, akin to the Jump King game that allegedly inspired Unrooted. He also quipped that the game should become the new “gambling meta.”

The game was still in the conceptual stages the last time fans saw it, so today’s showing appeared to be a lot more complete product.

There is still no release date set, and the footage indicates that it is still in the initial alpha stage.

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