k1Ng Has Moved On Loan To ESportsConnected For VALORANT Champions Tour

k1Ng Has Moved On Loan To ESportsConnected For VALORANT Champions Tour
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In 2022, Vision Strikers will embark on a new journey.

Lee “k1Ng” Seung-won has joined ESportsConnected on loan for the next VALORANT Champions Tour season in South Korea.

The Vision Strikers player was part of a highly successful six-man lineup that ruled throughout 2021 and qualified for Champions, VALORANT’s first world championship. The squad failed to advance past the group stage of the end-of-year event after losing a decider match to North America’s Cloud9 Blue.

Former NUTURN Gaming member Kim “Lakia” Jong-min, who joined for Vision Strikers in July 2021, had been sharing K1Ng’s role on the team. He took the lion’s share of the Sentinel position, with Lakia filling in on maps like Icebox on occasion.

Vision Strikers appears to be betting on Lakia in 2022, with k1Ng heading elsewhere for the time being. According to a social media post, he is anticipated to play on loan for EsportsConnected in VCT Korea: Challengers One.

Vision Strikers will undoubtedly evaluate its alternatives before deciding whether or not to recall k1Ng at a later date.

k1Ng, former F4Q player Kim “GodDead” Sung-sin, and former Cloud9 Korea and Lag Gaming player Yoo “Moothie” Seung-woo make up EsportsConnected’s VALORANT roster.


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