Jizuke Confirms That He Won’t Be Participating In Any League In The 2022 Spring Split

Jizuke Confirms That He Won't Be Participating In Any League In The 2022 Spring Split
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The Italian star has yet to find a new home for the next season.

Jiizuke, a European mid laner, confirmed today that he will not be joining a competitive League of Legends squad starting next year.

The 25-year-old veteran last played for Evil Geniuses, the org he joined at the end of 2019. He’s played in North America for two years but hasn’t been able to secure an LCS championship in that time. The closest he got with the organization was during the 2020 Spring Split payoffs, where he and his team finished third.

The 25-year-old veteran most recently played for Evil Geniuses, an organization he signed at the end of 2019. He has been playing in North America for two years but has yet to win an LCS championship. He came the closest to joining the organization during the 2020 Spring Split payoffs, finishing third with his squad.

Jiizuke, on the other hand, will continue to hunt for prospects for stage performance. Meanwhile, he’ll be streaming from Europe and Korea to continue refining his game in case a team decides to sign him as a potential replacement in the spring or summer.

Jiizuke’s sharp wit and dynamic playstyle won over many fans in both EU and NA, however he was replaced this summer by rookie mid laner Jojopyun after EG failed to make a long run in either split’s playoffs. The 17-year-old North American has been a highly rated talent in EG’s development system and will get a chance to shine in 2022. However, this means Jiizuke will have to find a new company to call home.

He also stated that “this offseason was a clown festival” for middle-of-the-road talents all across the world. Talented players such as Jensen and Nisqy, for example, are now teamless after being replaced on their previous teams, demonstrating how volatile the last two months have been for players looking for new squads and contracts.

As the season progresses, keep an eye out for Jiizuke’s name to come up when teams decide to make roster changes if things aren’t going well.

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