Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Coming Soon

Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Coming Soon
Image via Fortnite Intel

The new Skins for the Fortnite x Jordan partnership are seen below, along with when they will be available in the Item Shop.

Epic Games has teamed with a variety of industries to deliver special cosmetics to Fortnite, including musicians, designers, and others. New cosmetics are added to most partnerships, as well as challenges that might reward you free cosmetics if you complete them.

Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Coming Soon 1
Image via Fortnite News

Epic has teamed up with Michael Jordan in Chapter 1 of Season 9 of Fortnite. Many gamers assumed there would be a Michael Jordan skin when it was first announced that Michael Jordan would be working with Fortnite, however the connection was based on his show company. Clutch and Grind were two skins available for gamers to purchase, each with four different styles:

  • Default style (grey)
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Red

Fortnite x Jordan – Air 11 Jordan New Skins

Fortnite is teaming up with Jordan once again to commemorate the return of the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey, and there will be two new Skins available to purchase, as shown in the image below:

Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Coming Soon
Image via Fortnite News

As you can see, the Skins come in three different styles, all of which share the same color scheme as the Air 11 Jordans in Cool Grey. The Playmaker and NVP styles are included with the Hangtime Skin. Swish Skin, which is included with the Crossover and Downtown styles, is the other skin. The Skins’ Back Bling is known as the Air Jordan 2 Cool Grey.

However, a closer examination of the Skins reveals that it is a reskin of two prior Skins, Marius and Ruby. Marius is a black and white Uncommon Skin that was released in Chapter 2 of Season 6 of Fortnite. Ruby is a Rare Skin that was first debuted in Season X, however further Skins for this character have been created, including Boardwalk Ruby (Rare) and Ruby Shadows (Shadow).

Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Coming Soon
Image via Fortnite News

In addition, the Dunk Emote will be included in this cooperation. These Skins and Emotes will most likely be available in the Item Shop as a package as well as individually.

As with the previous collaboration, there will be a Creative map for this one, dubbed The Jumpman Zone, where you may solve challenges in order to unlock a free spray:

Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Coming Soon
Image via Fortnite News
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