In Apex Legends Ninja Witnesses His First ‘kidnapping’ Which Led Him Into A Trap

In Apex Legends, Ninja Witnesses His First 'kidnapping' Which Led Him Into A Trap
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You have to appreciate a great play every now and then.

Ninja, a popular streamer, recently experienced a skilled enemy Wraith, who managed to kidnap him with their utmost ability, trapping Ninja.

Wraith is an outstanding Apex Legends character with a well-rounded potential set that is both fun and exciting to use. Players have excelled at outmaneuvering and surprising enemies with Wraith, but she can also flee at a moment’s notice if necessary. Kidnapping players with her Dimensional Rift ability is one of the most interesting and entertaining strategies Wraith players have devised.

Ninja witnessed this strategy firsthand in a recent Apex game. Ninja and his team were engaged in combat with an enemy squad atop a crane when one of the players jumped down toward them. Ninja retreated toward his teammates, unaware that the enemy Wraith had other plans.

The Dimensional Rift ability of the Wraith player was used to transport Ninja onto the crane, where their teammates were waiting. Ninja fought valiantly but was unable to take on the entire team at once, likely to result in a hilarious death. While some players would be irritated by this turn of events, Ninja took it in stride and declared it the “coolest shit” he’d ever seen.

This tactic is difficult to execute and can backfire if you are unable to kidnap the opposing player, so proceed with caution when attempting to replicate it. But if you do manage to kidnap a player, the effort and risk are well worth it.


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