In A VALORANT Public Battle TenZ Pulls Off A Stunning Ace With Spectre

In A VALORANT Public Battle TenZ Pulls Off A Stunning Ace With Spectre
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What more do you have to look forward to from TenZ?

TenZ, a professional VALORANT player, demolished the other team with a Spectre in a recent public match, demonstrating how effective the weapon can be when utilized appropriately.

TenZ is one of the top VALORANT players in the world, and he has been instrumental in Sentinels’ VALORANT Champions Tour dominance. He’s noted for his exceptional gun skills and ability to clutch in the face of adversity. TenZ recently helped his public match side win a round by using a Spectre to eliminate the whole squad.

During the second round of an Ascent battle, TenZ and his team were pressing into A site on offense. They were victorious in the pistol round and held the upper hand in terms of weapons and armor. Unless Tenz is on the opposing squad, enemies can still win rounds with well-placed shots.

TenZ spent little time in dispatching the first two opponents, then dashed into A Garden and dispatched a third player for good measure. TenZ‘s rampage was stopped by the final two players, who rotated from the defender’s spawn to A Heaven. To secure his ace, he killed the remaining two enemies and only received damage from the final player. Multiple players attempted to stop TenZ using the Classic’s powerful right-click, but they were unsuccessful.

In eco or save rounds, the Spectre is a potent weapon, especially if the opposing team doesn’t have a full loadout. We can’t promise you’ll receive an ace like TenZ, but you may still contribute to the success of your squad.


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