G2’s VALORANT Superteam Snatches The Final Spot To VCT Masters 3 Berlin

G2's VALORANT Superteam Snatches The Final Spot To VCT Masters 3 Berlin
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The fourth and last EMEA seat has been filled at Masters Three Berlin. Today, G2 Esports beat Giants Gaming in the lower bracket of the Stage Three Challengers Playoffs in a three-map VALORANT series.

Giants attempted to spoil the previous series of the day, Icebox, between Team Liquid and Gambit. Giants dominated the first half on defense on G2’s map selection, leading 8-4 at halftime. Despite winning their second pistol round of the map, G2 couldn’t quite catch up to Giants, who grabbed a 9-8 lead and went on to win the next four rounds to steal G2’s pick.

But, as definitive as Giants appeared to be in their selection of Icebox, G2 appeared to be even more overwhelming in their selection of Bind. After winning the first two rounds of the map, Giants only won one more round of the following 14 rounds. G2 dominated almost every opening duel and completely shut down any offense the Giants attempted. G2 made the second half as short as possible after taking a 9-3 lead at halftime, going four-for-four in attack rounds.

G2 got off to another fast start on Ascent, sweeping the opening six rounds of attack after regaining momentum by tying the series on Giants’ pick. The Giants were only able to win three defense rounds before halftime, and losing the second half pistol round, their fifth pistol round loss in six attempts in the series ended their amazing run. G2 defeated them 13-4 on Ascent to win the series 2-1.

G2 has claimed the final EMEA spot at Masters Three Berlin, alongside Acend, SuperMassive Blaze, and Gambit, after shifting out the majority of their roster prior to the start of Stage Three.

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