Fortnite Finally Teases Their Collab With Naruto

Fortnite Finally Teases Their Collab With Naruto
Image via Global Esports News

After months of rumors and leaks, Fortnite has officially revealed their collaboration with Naruto in a new teaser image shared to their social media accounts.

The preview is short, with only the words ‘BELIEVE IT!’ ‘ as well as the date November 16, which was announced earlier today in a leak.

The collaboration with Naruto, according to the leaker, would add new cosmetics, a new weapon, and a new Creative Hub to the game. The v18.40 update is scheduled to be released on November 16, the same day as the official Naruto unveiling. The Creative Hub is called ‘Hidden Leaf Village,’ and it will be available in-game at 2pm UTC on the same day, with cosmetics available in the Item Shop at the same time.

The number of cosmetics available as part of the Naruto cooperation is still unknown, although a package featuring at least an Outfit, Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Emote is expected. More details will most certainly be revealed next week when Season 8’s last update is released.



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