Fortnite Dev Answers To The Discover Tab Outrage, Promising That Improvements Will Be Made Soon

Fortnite Dev Answers To The Discover Tab Outrage, Promising That Improvements Will Be Made Soon
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Fortnite devs have replied to the community’s outrage over the ‘Discover’ Tab in-game.

The Discover Tab was first featured in the v17.50 update as a substitute for the Limited Time Mode menu, combining existing functionality to offer a single location where you can create, exchange Island tickets, browse your library, and discover new games within Fortnite. Since the tab’s addition, many players have complained about how perplexing the new layout is, with Fortnite’s basic game modes difficult to identify among the disorganized collection of Creative Maps.

Some Creative mapmakers even posted empty islands to see how horrible the Discover Tab’s algorithmic suggestions are, with each map they uploaded rising to the top row for some gamers.

Also, xQc, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, stated that the present arrangement for finding a match play is rather complicated.

Fortnite’s Response

FreightTrain, a Fortnite developer, replied to the outcry over the Discover Tab by promising that Epic is now “developing and testing improvements” for solutions.

This was published in the official Fortnite Creative Discord Server’s “Epic Announcements” channel:

We’ve heard you loud and clear that Discover is not meeting the needs of either players or creators. We agree. Discover is new, and far from done. While we are figuring out how to make the best player experience and provide an awesome place for creators, you will see us making and testing changes. You will see us expand and tighten up on some of our Creator Rules and Guidelines, and experiment with different ways to surface content. As we make these changes we’ll be doing this together. Our intent is to connect players to a variety of quality content and enable creators to make the next hit experience. We want to be surfacing quality content. We don’t always want to be the deciders of what’s good or quality.  Hopefully, that’s a vision we can all work on together. It’ll never be perfect, we promise to iterate, and take your feedback into account as we do.



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