A Player In Apex Legends Recommends Tiers For Survival Items

A Player In Apex Legends Recommends Tiers For Survival Items
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Would you like to locate a gold Heat Shield?

Have you ever unlocked a chest in Apex Legends only to find Ultimate Accelerants or Heat Shields? One clever gamer recommended a host of improvements to make these kinds of goods a little more intriguing.

Brickbrony, a Reddit user, came up with some fresh ideas for Apex’s “survival items” to make them more appealing during battle royale bouts. According to their intentions, Ultimate Accelerants, Mobile Respawn Beacons, and Heat Shields would be divided into blue, purple, and gold categories, similar to weapon attachments and armor.

A Player In Apex Legends Recommends Tiers For Survival Items

Depending on its rarity, each item would also obtain additional abilities. Higher ranks of Ultimate Accelerants would provide more epic charge to players. Gold Accelerants would also “supercharge” an ultimate, increasing the range or potency of the ultimate depending on the character. At higher ranks, mobile respawn beacons would deploy faster and need less activation time, with gold Beacons respawning a player wearing blue armor and wielding a random weapon. Lastly, at each rarity rank, Heat Shields would augment players’ health vs. the Ring by a percentage. Gold Beacons would also reduce the length of time necessary to repair health dependent on the Ring’s current level.

Brickbrony requested comments and conversation on their ideas, and Reddit, as always, supplied. The improvements divided players: some were pleased about the possibility of survival items being more exciting in ordinary gameplay, while others were concerned about the overpowered potential of each item’s gold-tier advantages. The most common objection was that dividing the three goods into three tiers would overburden the game’s item system, making it more complex than necessary and making looting even more difficult.

Critics also highlighted that changing the ult charge potential of Ultimate Accelerants will wreak havoc with Wattson’s passive, which relies on normal Accelerants to be meaningful. One user proposed that in order for the Mobile Respawn Beacon improvements to be feasible, the gun offered should be a beginner weapon, such as a Mozambique or a P2020, rather than a completely random rifle. Nonetheless, it’s always intriguing to watch what changes the community comes up with to try to mix up the standard Apex gameplay.


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