ESL Pro League Season 14 Is Forced To Go Online Due To Travel Restrictions; CS:GO

ESL Pro League Season 14 Is Forced To Go Online Due To Travel Restrictions
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The pandemic is still disrupting esports competitions.

Because of COVID-related travel restrictions, ESL has announced that the 14th Season of Pro League would be streamed online.

ESL, like any other event planner, would have delighted to have a LAN, but the risks posed by the epidemic are too great. Especially given the league’s start date in four weeks and the widespread distribution of COVID-19’s Delta form across Europe. The standards are tighter, and the league will last longer than most major Counter-Strike competitions.

The competition’s 24 teams will compete from their individual residences or boot camps. Season 13 of the ESL Pro League will serve as a model for the event. The event will include some of the finest teams in the world, including Astralis, G2 Esports, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and many others. IEM Cologne was a thrilling event to witness, with plenty of surprises.

We all witnessed FaZe Clan defeat Gambit in a surprising series, as well as Na’Vi defeat G2 in spectacular fashion during the Grand Finals. Season 14 will premiere on the internet on August 16. However, ESL is still assessing the scenario in order to bring LAN back for IEM Fall and Winter 2021.

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