Due to Issues With The Hotfix Build Respawn Has Decided To Postpone the Seer Nerf

Due to Issues With The Hotfix Build Respawn Has Decided To Postpone the Seer Nerf
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The exact date of the nerf is unknown.

For the time being, Apex Legends players will have to put up with Seer’s iteration. According to Respawn producer Josh Medina, a balancing patch scheduled for this week has been postponed due to issues with the hotfix build.

Medina tweeted, “ran into issues with the hotfix build that includes seer nerfs, so we have to fix those issues before you get a seer nerf.” He didn’t specify a timeframe for when the nerf will be delivered.

Seer is considered powerful by a big portion of the Apex community, and Respawn appears to agree. Seer is “probably a touch too strong,” according to Respawn’s Travis Nordin, who designed the legend, and the developer plans to balance the new character this week.

When Seer is inevitably reworked, it’s uncertain what Respawn will do, but the Ambush Artist’s kit has plenty of knobs to fiddle with. For example, his passive and tactical abilities have a large range, while his Focus of Attention does damage, interrupts healing, and discloses foes’ locations within a wide radius.

In addition to Seer, Respawn tweaked the Prowler SMG and the L-Star, two weapons that had a little too much bang for the buck when Apex 10 launched. The Prowler’s damage has been reduced to 14 (down from 15) and the price of both the SMG and the LMG has been increased in Arenas.


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