CS:GO Pro Rage Quit On Official Match

  • smooya rage quits an official match.
  • Movistar Riders still wins even though smooya quit the round.

CS:GO Pro Rage Quit On Official Match

A match during Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021 qualifiers showed one player rage quitting on his teammates.

The match was between Movistar Riders and Nordavind. During the 3rd set of the match on the 25th round. Owen “smooya” Butterfield quit in the middle of the round thinking for sure the other team had the game.

But fortunately, Alejandro “mopoz” Cano kept the team alive by clutching the round with a one on three in favor of the team Nordavind.

After mopoz wins the round, smooya was forced to reconnect and continue the game which lead to an overtime and allowed Movistar Riders to win the series.

The clip from Twitch.tv is shown below:

smooya said after the match that his PC crashed, but that was proven to be a lie because it was seen in the clip that he messaged “ggwp” in the chat before leaving.

According to a tweet by mopoz the team had was not angry at him for what he did.

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