Crypto and EVA-8 Nerfs Have Been Confirmed By Respawn Entertainment

Crypto and EVA-8 Nerfs Have Been Confirmed By Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends players will be happy to hear some exciting news from Respawn Entertainment.

Crypto, who has always been underpowered, has always been effective in specific team situations but has never been as powerful as other legends. However, this could be changing in the near future. John Larson, a live balance designer at Respawn Entertainment, highlighted some major adjustments in the latest episode of the Apex Uncut podcast.

Despite the fact that Crypto isn’t a weak legend who lacks an efficient kit, his selection rate demonstrates that gamers prefer other heroes over witty hackers. Respawn argues that his low pick rate is part of the nature of his character, rather than a real flaw. In casual games, the scout character is underutilized, but in high ELO ranked matchups, he is quite valuable. Crypto is presently one of Apex’s least popular legends, coming in after Rampart. Even still, certain character modifications may be on the way to make him more acceptable to the reptilian masses.

“I think we’re more alright with Crypto being a niche, off-meta selection than we are with many other characters since, in a fast-paced FPS shooter, a lot of us are just dumb lizard-brain individuals who like killing bad dudes. Cryptography is simply too cerebral for me “Larson commented.

The creator stated that just because a legend isn’t popular with the players doesn’t mean it’s weak. Crypto can be a real game-changer in certain scenarios. Respawn, on the other hand, still wants to improve his pick rate and popularity among gamers in future patches. In the future, his tactical ability monitoring may be tweaked to allow him to better aid his comrades.


Respawn Entertainment’s nerf radar might include EVA-8

Respawn Entertainment's nerf radar might include EVA-8
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In Apex Legends, EVA-8 can be a devastating opponent. The shotgun deals a lot of damage and has a low-skill ceiling, making it a pain for high-ranking players. Following the nerfs to the Mastiff and Peacekeeper, EVA-8 swiftly rose to prominence as the ultimate “troll weapon.” Players have been requesting a nerf, and it appears that the developer has heeded their request.

“We buff it up and say, “Hey, use the EVA-8 guys, try something other than a Mastiff and see how it goes.” But, yes, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of anything like that in the future,” when asked about nerfs to the EVA-8, Larson stated.

The creator hasn’t said what will be adjusted, but he acknowledges that the weapon is effective in close combat and that it will soon be hit by the nerf hammer. It’s unclear when these modifications will go into effect, but Crypto masters and EVA-8 spammers should expect some adjustments.







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