Astralis & Spirit Headlines Last Challengers Stage Matchups

Astralis & Spirit Headlines Last Challengers Stage Matchups
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Six teams will compete in the fifth and final round of the PGL Major Stockholm Challengers Stage for a spot in the top 16.

The matches for the fifth round of the Challengers Stage have been set as MOUZ defeated Renegades in the final game on day three in Stockholm.

BIG will face MOUZ, Heroic will face Movistar Riders, and Astralis will face Spirit in the last BO3 match, which will see three teams eliminated and three advances to the Legends stage.

Heroic will face Movistar Riders in the first game on Friday. After going up 2-0 and then failing to defeat Copenhagen Flames and Entropiq in BO3s, Heroic, the highest-ranked team currently battling for a Legends berth, will have to step up and prove they are deserving of that spot.

Following that will be a duel among two German companies, BIG and MOUZ, with Astralis – Spirit, arguably the most interesting series yet to be played, rounding out the day. The CIS squad has shown promise in the past but has yet to deliver, while Astralis has yet to defeat a top 20 team at the tournament.

Schedule for Round 5:

2-2 (BO3)

  • 16:00 Heroic vs. Movistar Riders
  • 19:45 BIG vs. MOUZ
  • 23:30 Astralis vs. Spirit

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