Apex’s Escape Pack Includes An Amazing New Look For Ash As Well As 600 Apex Coins

Apex's Escape Pack Includes An Amazing New Look For Ash As Well As 600 Apex Coins
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For $4.99, you get a skin and 600 Apex Coins.

The new Apex Legends Escape Pack is now available to buy on the appropriate marketplaces. The Endless Labyrinth (Rare) skin for Ash and 600 Apex Coins are included in the $4.99 combo.

The Endless Labyrinth paints a maze-like pattern of red, pink, and cyan on Ash’s phantom body. The pattern resembles a labyrinth, with different hues indicating walls and obstacles, as the cosmetic’s name suggests.

The Escape Pack also includes 600 Apex Coins, which are worth the $4.99 price tag on their own. The only way to get fewer than 1,000 Apex Coins ($9.99) is to buy the seasonal packs, and the deal is a great method for gamers to top up their credits. The cosmetic is included as a bonus in this scenario.

Respawn’s long-standing history of releasing starter bundles at the start of each season continues with the release of the seasonal pack. These packs have a lower price tag and include a skin for the most recent legend to join the roster. As is customary for Respawn, the firm also released Ash’s Venom Blade package through Prime Gaming, giving the doppelganger a new look.

The Escape Pack will be available for the duration of Apex’s 11th season, however, it will be removed from the stores after the season is over. This offers players three months to get their hands on the bundle.

The Escape Pack is available for purchase on Origin or Steam for PCs, and the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo stores for consoles.


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