Apex Players Records 446 Million Mozambique Kills Among Other Stats In 2021

Apex Players Records 446 Million Mozambique Kills Among Other Stats In 2021

Apex is commemorating the last year with some amusing statistics.

Apex Legends reached a number of milestones in 2021, and Respawn Entertainment shared some of the year’s lesser-known total statistics on Twitter today. One thing is certain: everyone fell in love with Mozambique this year.

The Mozambique received one of the game’s most significant buffs in April, raising the gun’s magazine size from four to six shots. Despite losing the Hammerpoint hop-up at the same moment, the entire player base still logged 446 million kills with the weapon that was once the most meme-able gun in the game. Sure, that only accounts for about 2% of the 22 billion total kills in the game by 2021. However, that still appears to be a sizable amount.

Aside from the buff, the availability of the Mozambique in Arenas (it’s one of two free guns in the game) and the super-charged April Fool’s Day Mozambique explain the high number of kills with the weapon.

The majority of those kills are most likely explained by arenas and buffs. But, surely, April Fool’s Day had to account for thousands of them, right?

In other news, thanks to the amazing Wattson emote, players utilized 16 billion ultimates, revived 5.5 billion teammates, respawned a billion legends, and placed 27 million nessies. In the game, players also said “Thank You” to one another 175 million times. What a nice group of people, and what a year for Apex.


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