Apex Player Slams Opponent With A Barrage Of Arc Stars

Apex Player Slams Opponent With A Barrage Of Arc Stars
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There are many excellent Arc Star plays out there, but few are as spectacular as this one.

Important Emotion 91, a Reddit user, provided a video of their Apex Legends gameplay, which begins with a late-game Valkyrie repositioning into the Artillery section of Kings Canyon. Important Emotion 91’s squad arrives directly on top of another group on a high platform and quickly discovers that they have a Caustic, making standing in the area difficult. Important Emotion 91 descends to a lower ledge on Artillery’s wall then tosses a Horizon tactical to float back up, laying the groundwork for a stunning play.

Important Emotion 91 threw their Horizon ultimate as they reached the height of the other team, catching the whole opposition team inside its reach. They then hurled three Arc Stars in quick succession, all of which struck all three members of the team and knocked them out in a matter of seconds, taking them from full shields to dead. Important Emotion 91 totaled seven kills as a result of their outstanding performance, and the clip concludes with them being proclaimed the kill leader.

Important Emotion 91 follows one of the standard Horizon tactics in the video, which involves remaining a somewhat safe distance away from the opponent team, using her Black Hole ultimate, and firing as many grenades as possible into the impact area. This usually results in at least one knockout on the other team. However, in the case of Important Emotion 91, all three Arc Stars damaged all three players, resulting in a highly satisfying team wipe.


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