A VALORANT Player Demonstrates A Strategy For Increasing Knife Speed

A VALORANT Player Demonstrates A Strategy For Increasing Knife Speed
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Using animation canceling, those Sage walls may be broken down in a matter of seconds.

Knives may be a very handy instrument in VALORANT for damaging destroyable constructions and, of course, attacking enemies. However, using this tool is frequently a long and arduous operation that can expose you to assault.

By matching their knife with the Spike, one VALORANT player has provided a tactic that can significantly speed things up for players.

This way of knifing can be seen on the show in the video, and it is substantially faster. The approach is quite easy, requiring only that you have the Spike in your inventory and be on a site.

All you need is the knife if you have the spike. When your knife motion inflicts harm on its target, which takes less than a second, press the plant button. Each time you press the Spike, your knife animation will be reset and you will be able to use it without having to go through its whole motion.

As one reader noted out, this technique was also used for weapon drawing to restart the animation, but it is possible that it has since been patched out. Similarly, this latest demonstration of how the approach can be utilized to significantly boost knifing speed will almost certainly lead to the team patching it out in the near future.

While this isn’t the most practical tip you’ll ever see, if you’re stranded behind a Sage wall and need a quick way out, this could come in handy.




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