A New Merchandise Partnership Between OpTic and FaZe

A New Merchandise Partnership Between OpTic and FaZe
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FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming, two rival organizations with some of the biggest names in esports history, have announced a special partnership.

Fans of Call of Duty will be extremely enthusiastic about the collaboration between FaZe and OpTic, as both organizations got their start in the nascent Call of Duty esports and content creation industries over a decade ago. Now, the “idols turned rivals” will work together to make money.

Both organizations tweeted the same video this afternoon, promoting a “merch collab and more” and referring everyone to the FaZe website. There is currently nothing on the site, but if the video is any indicator, the concept of the cooperation will be both logos mixed up, similar to the one displayed at the end of the video.

A half-FaZe, half-OpTic baseball jersey, a shirt with both logos on dog tags, a mouse pad, a controller, and other gear are also shown in the clip.

For years, FaZe and OpTic have been the most popular Call of Duty teams. Fans exhibit their support with zeal, whether they are “Green Wall” or “FaZe Up.” And rightly so, for the world of CoD esports and content creation would not be the same without these groups.

One thing is certain about this extraordinary collaboration: both organizations will profit handsomely from the sales. More details on the collaborative effort will be released soon.

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